The Magic Honeypot That Protects Your Copyrights and Generates Royalties, Automatically

Music We Make Is Not A Streaming Service

This may come as a shock to you, but it is something that I want to clarify right up front because, even though it is pretty clear in our terms, not everybody gets it. And its important. We're not a streaming service and don't pay royalties. Even so, this platform holds an invaluable place in your marketing arsenal. I'm going to explain how it works; I call it the Honeypot.

Visualize an enormous round pot sitting outside your door. Now imagine if that pot were full of honey, what else would you expect to be outside your door swarming the pot? If you heard the sound of bees in your head, you got it. Here's the punch line: This Honeypot, your song page, attracts listeners and turns them into fans on your fans' favorite streaming service to earn you royalties.

There was a TON OF INFORMATION packed into that sentence, don't worry, I'm going to break it down for you.

The Making of a Shockingly Valuable Honeypot

Step 1: Play Only A Fraction of the Song

You hit upload, select your song and within a few seconds your song has been uploaded and processed. And as part of that processing, we pull up your song and chop a 30 second clip of it. Specifically, we take the first 30 seconds and create a completely new music file! This NEW MUSIC FILE is the one that is used as the honeypot.

This new 30 second clip is truly wonderful because it does two things really well that are next to impossible for you to accomplish otherwise:

  1. It protects your copyrights. Literally, the listener CANNOT hack to download anymore than the 30 second clip. Now try that on Bandcamp. Within a few minutes I'm downloading every full song ever listed in the entire site.
  2. It entices your listener, if your song is good. And don't get me wrong, the honeypot is only as good as your song, but if it is good, then it will draw the listener in and nearly force them to listen to the full song on their streaming platform of choice, earning you royalties.

That last part is important. This is how Music We Make substantially magnifies the power of your marketing. Instead of having to pay a producer to chop the song for you, or you spending your extra time to cut the song, we do it for you automatically. On Top Of That, and more importantly, we direct your fan to the streaming platform of THEIR CHOICE.

Step 2: The Fans' Favorite Streaming Service

Take a breather and really let the power of that soak in. Without this honeypot, you'd have a TON of extra work to do. Not only would you have to cut clips of your songs, you'd have to distribute them separately, and most services, if not all, don't even know how to handle that. Next, you'd have to create a completely separate marketing campaign for every single streaming service!. Who has time for that? I have a much better idea. Upload your songs to Music We Make and call it a day.

Step 3: Replace Followers With Connections

This outstanding technology really brings out the sweetest smell in this honeypot; let me explain Connect, you're going to love it. Music We Make doesn't believe in followers, we believe in connections. These are real connections, as in take them with you connections. As in you own the data connections. These are real connections that you can market to whenever you want. And you never have to pay us to reach them!

The magic happens when your fans click the little red CONNECT button. They're shown a page that allows them to provide you with their name, email address and a short message. We even take care of the dirty work of confirming their email and double opt in for you. That's a service that nobody will offer at this price. Upon confirmation of the opt-in, you receive an email with their information direct to your inbox. You've also got a page right here that you can always visit to see your connections.

It's All Yours, You're Welcome.

All you have to do is use it! On top of that, this honeypot is destined for greatness, and to be greater than any honeypot that you try to build on your own because we're constantly analyzing the data. We're looking at the performance of the honeypot every day for every member and thinking of ways to make it better. And we always have a few ideas that we're testing. This honeypot goes through a continuous cycle of improvement.

Shockingly Valuable

This honeypot is a complete music marketing system all wrapped up with a bow on it. Let's review everything that's happening on this single page:

  1. Streamlined marketing, so you push one source for your music that is matched to your fans' streaming preference, maximizing your royalties
  2. Automatic copyrights protection by playing a cut 30 second clip of your song
  3. An email list generator with confirmation and double opt-in, you own the data

Wrapping Up

Alright, so you've got it. Don't turn off the 30 second clip feature, and if you're not yet on Spotify and Tidal, then shoot me an email. It is so insanely easy to distribute your music these days that there's no excuse, in fact, it is downright lame.

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