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When You're Ready to Breakthrough, Go Pro

For just $36/year, pro members get some really special benefits. The fan email capture alone is worth its weight in gold. Email Service Providers charge a minimum of $50/month and even at that you have to embed the email capture into your own website. Let Music We Make be your music site and pay only about a coffee per month. If you're building your email list, learn how we help in this article The Magic Honepot That Protects Your Copyrights and Generates Royalties.


If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your current year's fee.
It's that simple, no questions asked.

Turn Listeners Into Fans for Life

Fans are able to connect directly with you and share their contact information without signing up at Music We Make. You'll be notified via email whenever you receive a new contact and the contact information will be included in the email. You can also check your list of contacts anytime online. You're free to import your contacts into your preferred email list provider and aggregate with the rest of your fanbase and email marketing activities.

Sell your songs commission free.

When you set a price for downloads a "Buy Now" button will appear on your song page. The best part!? Music We Make takes 0% fees for song sales. Stripe payment processing fees (2% + $0.30) and transfer fees will apply.

Download links

Turn on a direct download link will appear for listeners to download your music.

Google Analytics

Add your GA ID and your song pages will report analytics into your account.

Instant Tip Jar

Just set your paypal email and then enable your donation button. Fans can donate directly to you. Music We Make takes $0 fees from donations.

No ads for you or your fans

Ads are a necessary annoyance for us to offer a free service; Once you're pro, never be annoyed again. Your fans will love it too.

Onsite promotion

Your song will enter random rotation to be featured on the home page above the chart. The rotation changes every few minutes. Who doesn't need a bit more promo?

Stand out with a PRO badge

This badge will be shown anywhere on the site where your song appears and on your profile page and under your username.

Retain more Indie Top 40 chart points

Each week the music chart resets and everyone's -points- go down. Pro members retain 50% of their points from the previous week which gives you a huge head start every week.

Auto-enrolled in new features

We're constantly working to make Music We Make better; for you. As a Pro member you'll be the first to get new features as they come available.

Promotions Starting at $5

This is an advertising opportunity. See information on our promo page or click the button to promote your song or album for more details.

Pro members also enjoy the benefits you already know and love from your free account

Protect Copyrights and Earn Royalties

By default, we make a short clip of every song you upload and only play that clip for your potential fans. Leverage that clip like a honeypot to entice your listeners to click through to your Spotify or Tidal where you earn royalties.

Compete on the music charts

Get recognition when you win a top spot on one of the Indie Hot 40 world wide music charts

Artist profile

Your own space to place links to your other pages and showcase your work.

Sell on Amazon and Apple stores

Just add your Amazon and Apple store links and we will show buy buttons for your songs linking to those stores. We don't take any fees for that.

Unlimited songs / uploads / submits

There's really no cap on uploading your master works.

Music player embeds in social media

If you paste a link to your listen song in Twitter or Facebook, it will fetch the song details, and you can even listen to songs directly from Twitter using the embed.

Data Privacy Notice-Music We Make (https://www.musicwemake.com) uses cookies to track site activity through Google Analytics and shows advertisements through Google Adsense. Music We Make also collects membership information that you provide to the site such as your username, email address, song/music data, favorites, likes, votes, comments, purchase information, etc... (USAGE DATA) that is kep privately at Music We Make for the sole purpose of providing our online services as a platform to promote your music and is not sold to any third parties for any reason. As a Music We Make member, you may delete your data at any time either by deleting individual songs or comments, or by deleting your entire account.