MusicWeMake Chart FAQ

We make every effort to make sure that the data representing song placement on the chart is as accurate as possible.

The MusicWeMake charting system ranks songs based on thumbs ups and plays over the course of each week. Please feel free to email [email protected] and we will be happy to help answer any additional questions you have.

Are All Songs Submitted Automatically Added To The Chart?

Not all songs uploaded to MusicWeMake are eligible to make it onto the chart, requirements include a complete song submission with cover art. Songs will only appear on the chart if they meet the submission requirements and accumulate enough points from plays and thumbs up to rank in the top 40 songs for that week.

I Got Onto The Chart; How Long Does My Rank Last For?

Think of it like a weekly competition. All week scores are tallied and song ranks are adjusted, then on Sunday night at midnight UTC, the week ends and a final tally is performed locking the rankings for that week forever.

How Do The Points Work?

Every time a song is played or someone thumbs up a song, the song is awarded points for that week.

Do Plays and Thumbs Up (Formerly Votes) Count The Same?

Thumbs Ups count mor ethan plays.

Are Only Unique Plays Counted?

All plays are counted. Plays identified to be repeat plays from the same person count less, and botting along with any form of fake data is strictly prohibited. If we determine that a song has an excessive number of plays or play attempts from a single source, or the play behavior is identified to be botted, fake, or non-human behavior then we may elect to ignore the plays altogether, or in extreme cases we will penalize the song (reduce points) or even remove the song from the chart without notice.

How Do You Handle Fake Data?

We take fake data very seriously. Music We Make exists to help musicians, and fake data is an enormous threat against the entire industry. Music We Make employs TLS security for all requests and all requests are funneled through a WAF at our CDN, CloudFlare. Following that Music We Make employs a proprietary algorithm that analyses all incoming requests and determines if the request is fake or not. The algorithm may elect to allow the play count to rise while simultaneously reducing points in order to protect the integrity of the algorithm (an attacker or faker will not know when they've been identified). In addition, if we are unable to contact the account holder due to a fake or non-functional email address at any point during their use of the service, the account is immediately locked until the email address is corrected.

Does My Song Have To Be Played On MusicWeMake To Get Points?

The play does have to be recorded by MusicWeMake's servers and this happens in one of two ways. Firt, the song is played directly on your song's listen page on, and second, your song is played using the embed code on another site like Twitter, or your blog. Either way, your song definitely has to be uploaded to MusicWeMake first.

Are Users Required To Be Logged In For Their Plays To Count?

No, users are not required to be logged in for plays to count, however, they are required to register, and login in order to give a thumbs up.

How Does Voting Work?

Fans must be logged in to Thumbs Up. Once a fan gives a thumbs up for a song, that cannot be retracted.

Where Did The Vote Button Go?

The vote button has been retired in favor one single action combined with Thumbs up.

If My Song Gets Onto The Chart This Week, Am I Automatically On The Chart For Next Week?

A small percentage of your points do carry over from week to week. So if you're on the chart this week, then the second that the chart flips on Sunday night midnight UTC, then your song is still on the chart.

Does The System Track Song History On The Chart?

Previous placement, and current direction are tracked. You will see how long a song has been on the chart, where it peaked and whether it is moving up or down on the chart this week.

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