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by G-Elect on album Mercy
released 2019
Christian & Gospel
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G-Elect is back again with a vibe, You don't want to be told...



Ashes to ashes

Nothing last forever

Look at what you earned

Never last forever

Fame, money, power

They all fade away

Have got my eyes up to the live eternal

Jesus is my trademark

God the father

Communing with the holy-ghost

It’s the live I chose

Never had a doubt about it 

Even with my two eyes closed

Meditating day and night

On the scriptures, let the whole world know

That Jesus is the way, the truth and the light

No one gets to the father except through him

Got my eyes on what stretches beyond this realm

To the north, east, south and west am gon witness


I can hear voices calling out my name

Do you want money, or do you want the fame

I pledge allegiance to the lamb

I am like a wild lion, I cannot be tamed

I am serving God till I die

I am serving God till the end

I am serving God till I die

I pledge allegiance to the lamb


Verse 2

Got my heart set, got my mind made up

Blow the whistle; tell the whole world that it’s game on

The Gospel about my saviour

My duty to my thru king

The arm of flesh failed us

But I am not under it anymore

Broken out of the chain, the bondage of sin

At a cross road with two paths with me in between

I took the path to the life eternal

I could have been a rap gangster

Doing it the other way

Rapping for the money and the fame

But I took the path less travelled by

Cast out away my weakness

Pour out on me your meekness

To the of end of the earth still am gon witness

Surrender my distress

I cannot do it on my own

Pour out on me your grace

So the world can see your face




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