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Yung Fleaky - 06 February(outro)

Published Feb. 7, 2021
Album: Dream Land Ep
released: 2021

New hot outro from Dream land Ep by Yung Fleaky.Recorded and mastered @ Rafiki studio.Year -2021 .hip hop .#Dream land Ep coming soon


The Freěstyle now out🔥🎁🎧


#06 February LYRICS 🎉🚀🔥


Artist-Yung Fleaky

Title:6 February (# Yung Fleaky BifDay🎉🚀🔥 Freěstyle)

Genre hip hop




:My name is Brian bro the leader of the Newskul ,waz born in 2004   reporting live in N.J.U please never stress me juc let me cut the cake bitch .im proud of ma self im growing so big without taking some drugs syllables on me these niggaz don see (say hip hip x2 hooray x2.) Hold up wait boi u gotta slow it down u Kno my pratedge increase my stratege without mentality ,jesus piece feel like im checking ma xernegy .17yrs old the niqqa z now growing so big , notice notice niqqa never take me for granted coz e niqqa u take fr granted might leave u emma stoned ,I grow from rose to bottom lyk a teleprompter ,Im a star niqqa hanging at the sky wen u see me make a wish bitch ,NiqqA i feel religious  party ! party more dan a rockstar sophisticated ,get dah fuc outta here u acting scandalous ,6february the month i was born ,12midnyt im sorry i lost ur missed calls im over e sky ,im sure my network must be lost.i ddnt mean to act like a Ghost buh u noe dats ma hobbie .06 February de month i was born im  de most celebrated bitchh!.

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Yung Fleaky birthday shout out

Albums / Discography

MR P Upload Your Music Free


by Yung Fleaky x Max Saint , Pharell Hools released 2020

June 21, 2020

Suicide Mission instrumental

hip hop rap instrumental made by Daniel .Thi T instrumental will be for a international brand-new track called SUICIDE mission featuring Max Saint from Indonesia nd Yung Fleaky , PHARELL HOOLS from Zimbabwe

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by Yung Fleaky x Max Saint & Pharell Hools released 2020

June 23, 2020

Suicide Mission official Audio

International hip hop track Year -2020 Genre -HIP hop

Dream Land Ep Upload Your Music Free

Dream Land Ep

by Yung Fleaky Ft Zehan Khama released 2020

Oct. 10, 2020

Bad Boys(instrumental)

bad boys instrumental used on dream land ep by Yung Fleaky This international track will be on Yung Fleaky 's first brandnew ep dropping soon . Follow Yung Fleaky and Zehan Khama on Social media platforms for more info

Feb. 7, 2021

06 February(outro)

New hot outro from Dream land Ep by Yung Fleaky.Recorded and mastered @ Rafiki studio.Year -2021 .hip hop .#Dream land Ep coming soon

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by Yung Fleaky x Pharrell hools & Traey lin released 2020

Aug. 6, 2020


gals edicatedd track..old school Tupac type  beat

May 2, 2020

Strange Habits

Hip hop track by proffessional artist Yung Fleaky x Pharell hools and traey Lin , Recorded and mastered by innora music ..This track only talks about strange things and weird manners

May 2, 2020

Mr p

hip hop track by Yung Fleaky  and pharell hools .shout out to pharell hoops who did da hook ..This track was released coz of da situation in our country 

May 2, 2020

No shoes for x mas

Best track by artist professionally as Yung Fleaky in 2020.Recorded and mastered at trb music . special thanx to k martin who did da vocal hook

May 3, 2020

Suicide Mission

Instrumental by Daniel another producer from Byo professionally known as DNL .This instrumental there will be onenu black dope artist from Indonesia

May 2, 2020

Bad Frank

Hip hop rap track all about money , bitches and weed found in da world ..Dis track waz recorded at blueroom ..

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