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5 Decades

by John Tzikas on album Shed A Little Light
released 2019-04-17 00:38:00

2019-04-16 16:48:33.926942



5 Decades




I’m Mr. Right All Night, I’m all hands,


 I don’t wear out


5 decades of time well wasted


Foul mouth is watering


Despite bitter victories tasted




And I’ve built up my credentials , all


we self-anointed fortune tellers, cure writer’s block


guzzling from a funnel, and I may have a Best Seller


in the woodworks but I’m cramping  up with carpal tunnel




I annoy you with the joys of forward thinking


hold that thought I may use if the funk gets any deeper


and a true renaissance man,  would not go down so quietly


Voltaire’s quill killed violently, I’m not your flash in the pan




 The Vice Principal listed me as trouble-maker in the brewing


 I have a rap sheet the greatest minds would be proud of, o


I’d like a word with you  bastards, I’ll keep it feather light


for two close chums shooting the bull in the china shop, just like old times


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