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5 min to Drown by FictionalCharacter


Published Feb. 14, 2020
Genre: World
Album: Sacrifices
released: 2020
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A song for the Broken Hearted,the Lonely,the Misunderstood and the Forgotten


I was born with the crown

And a mind of a Bealiver 

I don't got not time i'm alwayz puffin on that riffer

Don't be talkin flows i'll have you drowning in that river

My Faith is on the Some other b###h i ain't scared of no ripper

Lemme settle down explain it for these simpletins

Had to bag it up but i ain't had nun in my Jean

Now i'm fly then i pass foward with my Wings

Press play ain't no fast foward in my shit

Mind games

Why may i say

You lookin so Fly

Talkin Sum like Beyonce

Said alot but we know

Its neva enough 

Lookin perfect ain't a problem you can do it on  Sunday

In our element so she gonn do wat i say

See that melanin the reason dat you shinning

You look perfect dunno why you try to Hide 

Even the weather get's betta evryTime you right beside me.



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A song for the Broken Hearted,the Lonely,the Misunderstood and the Forgotten

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by FictionalCharacter released 2020
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