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98 Pound Weaklings

by John Tzikas on album Lazy Saturday
released 2019-01-10 00:20:00

2019-01-09 16:35:01.457136



98 Pound Weaklings




From 9 to 5 he's a boring


Unassuming teacher


Filling wide eyed children


With cautious optimism


Any pragmatist knows


If you try a little harder you


Won't be eaten by


bigger fish in


The pond




Some of the disciples


Enjoy the power trip you’re on


One day they might become


The sum of all their parts


Even 98 pound weaklings can learn


To lead with conviction


If they just follow their hearts




During happy hour David rubs


Elbows with barstool preachers


Shouting out sinister messages


Impressing nobody in particular


The language of redemption


Is not in their vernacular


When was bullshit this spectacular




Incessantly remind yourself


Life is not a spectator sport


You either participate


Or forfeit the winner’s purse


Waiting for your turn


To shine will leave


You standing still


With more sore losers


Commenting about the length of the line


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