Soul Chatter - A Better Place

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Published on 2015-09-21 13:00:51
Album Stumblin'
Genre Rock

a better place fighting to string together even two days in a row pushing to get past neutral but the head says ‘told you so’ tried flat-out believing got no faith but a little hope millions along the margin but we don’t judge by the literal   and this is only what I see, what I see a better place? there’d better be   step off the morning platform feel the weight upon these backs you see all different kinds of misery from both sides of the tracks hands out, heads down as we hit the street change from the pockets of those who can’t sleep spit from the river straight into the sea god help the meek, the thick, the naïve god help the meek, the thick, and me   between the pride and fear and vanity comes the briefest moments of real peace hold on to these
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