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Nicolás Cóppola - A Curious Rover

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Published on 2016-08-23 04:20:59.130100
Album Organic Things
Genre Instrumental
Released 2016
The 'Mars Science Laboratory Mission' put in 2012 the Curiosity Rover over the surface of the Gale Crater on Mars, to investigate mostly climate and geology. This has been a great event for manking and was deeply touched by it back then on 2012. When I started learning how to make music I knew I had to write something about this little rover. So I got into the endeavour with my newly aquired skills. However, the result wasn't something to be excited about. So now, with some more knowledge, I decided to completely remake the arrangement and mix of the original Curiosity song. Progressive RockElectronic RockInstrumental RockSpace Rock
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