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A Resounding Yes

by John Tzikas(AKA Tone Deaf Poet) on album Loosely Speaking
released 2018-11-11 00:41:00

2018-11-10 16:58:58.393661



Resounding Yes




Good to see back on solid ground


Working through the tough


Patches, running through


Revolving doors, the


Way too convenient rusty latches




If upswings in confidence were


On the menu, tons of ear candy


I’d serve you, if this kindness


Went unnoticed, tests of endurance


I would welcome




A resounding yes, is what you


Want to hear, hold me closer


Baby, an educated guess may


Make you smarter than you think


Are you good at finding the missing links




Sweating it out like the rest


Of you, like the best of you


I didn’t perceive the natural


Threat waited until I get


A resounding yes, by all


Means go ahead




We all need more love not


Less, more love not less


Making terrible voices hum


Clumsy hearts drum, moments


Apart never glum




I’m sure to get grief


When I change your mood


From cheerful to suddenly fearful


So many sappy love songs to sing


You and watch calamity ensue


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