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A Weight Has Been Lifted

by John Tzikas on album Lazy Saturday
released 2018-12-24 12:27:00
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2018-12-24 04:44:59.063363

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A Weight Has Been Lifted




A weight has been lifted


before you loved me


I barely loved myself


you’re shouldering half the load now


before you loved me


I loved little else




never asked to be so entertained


or to stimulate my brain


equilibrium lost was well ingrained


I derived pleasure in all that


caused me pain




for reasons I’d rather not


divulge I went to hell and back


I stood alone in the pitch black


until you flicked the switch


skin was burning


until you scratched


my itch




every couple has its share


of glitches but once they


cover up naked ring fingers


loyally they enter  worlds


of obscene riches






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