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A Woman's Love

by John Tzikas on album Loosely Speaking
released 2018-11-22 23:46:00
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2018-11-22 15:58:51.764895

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A Woman’s Love




Hey you alone in the dark


Run to me when you need


A wild lark, please


Fire me up, I could


Both use a bit of a spark




Why can’t we be


Hand in glove


Some men live


In constant fear


Of losing a woman’s love




I once believed if push comes to shove


A sane man will choose to hold onto a woman’s






Don’t turn your back, we’ve made it this far


A woman’s love fell from the sky


When  I wished upon a little star




Yes you in a moment of indecision


Air out the room, turn off the television


Light a candle for me and try to envision


A flame that burns strong with conviction




 We are the problem solvers, the risk takers


The underlying clarity, disarming makers of contradiction


A woman’s love isn’t intended for all you fakers




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