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All about love

by Ivar Sigurbergsson on album Single
released 2016
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2016-08-22 06:41:21.220630

Ivar, a musician and songwriter, has been a member of several bands but works independently today. More >>>

All about the love by ivar Sigurbergsson No matter how much i love you and it's more than i can tell there's no way we can be together and i know that sounds unfair The world just doesn't understand such an unconventional bond people are so focused on the normal that they overlook what's beyond chorus: If it were all about love it wouldn't be any of these walls sometimes when you chop down the tree you can't always control where it falls Anytime and everywhere, you are always on my mind This is more than fantasy Yes, love is sometimes blind No prison is as effective as a love that cannot be expressed loving someone silently is worse cause the problem will never be addressed
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