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Pukka Gunz ft Hype Mc, Olisatherapper - Ana Akukpoli

Published Sept. 1, 2019
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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: My major move part 1

Hip hop/rap mixed with Afro beat 


It's Afrofriq on  the beat

Most phenomenonal Artiste... 

Pukka Gunz


Chorus x2

Anyi Maputa ana akukpoli

Anyi anyi anyi maputa ana akukpoli

Balling everyday see anyi na akukpoli


Verse (Pukka Gunz)

This no be lie now... Anyi na akukpoli

Different different kind of girls... Anyi na akukpoli

My guys looking so fresh... Anyi na akukpoli

O bu na imaro juese... Anyi na akukpoli

Chee... My rap electrified, please don't be the victim

Met with drakare he says I'm the next big thing

Wow (haha) you think it's really funny

I don't talk much, I let my money do the talking

Paid it all cash nwanne we never wrote cheque

Came into the game fine girls with the soft boys

Slay mama slay my guys are all ballers

10 bottles black bottles popping it dulling

See no forming cos I make it rain

Muwa esewechago muwa adafu digi hey

See I catch no feeling please girl free me

Banye platinum see anyi kukpolia anyi awaa (anyi awaa)

We keep it real we keep it real

Shut down everywhere nwanne super thrill 

(Chee Chee) kponye n'ime ndeli o ga adika film

(Nwanneee) o ga adika film see.

Chorus x2

Anyi Maputa ana akukpoli

Anyi anyi anyi maputa ana akukpoli

Balling everyday see anyi na akukpoli


Verse (Hype Mc)

(Chee... It's your boy Hype Mc, it's the capital H, are you ready now?)

Egwu a ga apalu gi apalu ka apama

A bu an OG in case a da ama ama

Ofu onye ndi ilo ya na agbalu ama

Yet I'm an old school like mama di mama

Anyi na anyi na anyi na akukpoli 

Nkolika fu anyi o changie afa ya to nkoli

Forget yarns men paa nku

Even tiger hood ma na muwa by ezigbote onye nku

Girls dikwa sharp ga na asample

Nwa bute kerosine guys mee ya nku

Pukka I bu my man 

Forget them say them say me I get better plans (woow)

From today nwanne na ahead

Ife m bu n'isi fit give other rapper bald head

So do you make I do me

Nwoke juru eju so you no fit full me


Verse (Olisatherapper)

(They call me Olisatherapper)

O kwa anyi maputa anyi na akukpoli but on a low

Mu na  men nu m na apop casket you no go know

Anyi adaghi eme mkpotu ka volvo mgbe mgboo

Ma ka imaro mgbe ndi imi ga esu gi imi n'aka di popo

The way she turning her waist agharagha oka

Na eme m to comot all the money in my Gucci bag

M na agba speed but I no be Darlington

A di m coordinated no helter skelter

Xcarter ndi asaba people kporo m ken carter

I'm the ruler of the game wakanda tchalla

Eji m money bia ka gi nye  m is I ka I bu zi muller

Aru gi di sky make it rain maka e changie go m weather

M na ata the money kulu kulu kulu chana

Pukka si m wetin be your goal in life

All I want is to get rich and  fix up my people and fuck all this bitches wey no send me 

When I no get shit.

(ma na imali yaa)

Chorus x2

Anyi Maputa ana akukpoli

Anyi anyi anyi maputa ana akukpoli

Balling everyday see anyi na akukpoli


This no be lie now




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samprincechooseone March 17, 2020

Albums / Discography

My major move part 1 Upload Your Music Free

My major move part 1

by Pukka Gunz ft Hype Mc, Olisatherapper released 2019

Sept. 1, 2019

Ana Akukpoli

Hip hop/rap mixed with Afro beat 

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