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Are You Gullible

by Tone Deaf Poet AKA John Tzikas) on album Let It Rip
released 2019-08-12 15:24:00

2019-08-12 09:46:16.933127

Written in C#Major

June 22. August 12

Tone Deaf Poet

About education becoming a business and neglecting needs of society


Are You Gullible

Kids want to learn
From someone relatable
Their appetites for knowledge
Insatiable, today's grown ups
Are more qualified than ever
That's highly debatable

Are you gullible
Inflate your own ego
Stop drifting like a lonely
Raft in a raging sea
Float or sink, that's not
How it used to be

Any way you spin it
Who will stretch
Their rubber minds
To the limit now that
education gurus
Turn losses into profits

Life when will you
Live it, get your
Nose out of the book
And observe the beauty
You think you're too
Good to deserve

Are you gullible
What purpose will you serve
If I do everything for you
Your plastic heart was
Melted with the passage of time
You're  too young to pay for our crimes

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