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Been There Done That

by John Tzikas on album Gentle Nights
released 2018-12-09 01:52:00

2018-12-08 17:56:20.249434



Been There Done That




Got a long road ahead of us


Trying to recapture a little bit


Of the fire we’ve lost


You’re such an igniter


A turning point


A true exciter


You drive me wild




Prancing  around with


A confident air to you


Because you’ve been


There done that


Now you don’t want old hat




As far I know this undying


Passion lead you to find


A faithful companion


At work rest and play


Endless experimentation


Made us the resilient


 Souls we are today




Pitter patter our hearts go


No pity no mercy no fear


Just vintage you


Guiding me through


An almost impossible year




Acting  like you’ve been there


Done that, until you believed


It so, been there done that


You know the sigh of relief


You give off after overcoming


Your deepest of woes




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