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by Mhiz Melody on album @Mhiz_Melody
released 2019
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2019-05-11 23:11:10.996029

Like it to put it on the charts!

007record, Uber-talented singer, Melody serves up a new soothing single titled “Believe“, produced by Benzer.
IG :@Mhiz Melody
As usual, the new record “Believe” has a fusion of Afro and unique vocals from her.


Everybody get e story Everybody get e worry Bad times and good times Pain and suffering Depression suppression reflections But I won't give up I nor go surrender And no matter the matter No matter the weather I go work and believe Chorus Oh believe Say one day I go make am o Believe.... Say one day, the sun go shine Oh believe Say one day, I go make am o Believe..... I go just believe Verse 2 E get e time wen things dey hard But abeg nor lose ur guard People go talk left and right But nor let their talk dull ur light Everybody get their own time Just don't give up d fight Keep pushing day and night Stay focus, na matter of time Just do ur thing and pray Make d hustle pay And believe believe one day u will see (Repeat chorus) Believe..... Say one day, u go make am o Believe..... Say one day, the sun go shine Yes believe... Say one u go make am o Believe..... Make u just believe

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