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Bloody War

by John Tzikas on album Loosely Speaking
released 2018-11-19 01:13:00
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2018-11-18 17:18:42.979401

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Bloody War




Another year older


Slightly battered, ripped


And torn, good intentions


Left ignored keeping the peace


Is something I’m not known for


My life is bloody bloody


Bloody war,




trapped between people trying


To settle old scores,


getting rich off  mob


Mentality  proceeds, I’m slipping


In through the back door, the back door




Enter at your own risk, always leave


Them wanting more, always leave them


Wanting more, just come in through the


Back door, come in through the back door


We will leave a light on, to finish your chores




What was winning it all like before


Waking up, going over the same routines


Until you cried in your sleeves or wet your


Hand me down jeans, just to make it on


The scene with all the teenage drama queens






Gretzky missed 100% of the shots


He didn’t take, burning the competition


At the stake, leaving the away teams


To prepare for agonizing heartbreak, quit your


Job at the candy store this is bloody war


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