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Blue October(Nowadays)

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Forbidden Country
released 2018-09-14 00:09:00

2018-09-14 15:23:55.095014



Blue October (Nowadays)




She’s standing pretty  as  a painting


Her rows of admirers are fainting


In love with a third time loser


Nowadays the beggars are


All choosers




Soldier boys are found in quaint


Watering holes of every town


They have marching orders


To lay the weapons of mass


Destruction down, and


Spread their love around




The locals gents are boozers


Spending their very last cent


While the damsels in distress


Are snoozers, nobody here repents


That blue October came and went




There was some place you forget to be


Did you ever want to  get lost with me


The silent assassins bullet has struck


Honey you hold the trigger so pull it


If it’s gonna bring you a little luck




the pushers than the users


They use modern slang in the


Back of cruisers, some people say


When I’m cut loose , let’s schmooze


Others say maybe we can hang




Out in the open field, the cold winds


Of the blue October  eat away at me


And you, I feel, I must protect


Myself, this ignorance is my shield




He’s posing contemplatively like the Thinker


She can’t admit she wants to experiment


Sexually, nowadays there’s an option to tinker


Open your eyes, you’ve got yourself another blinker




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