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AyaSha - Bout U

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Published on 2018-09-10 17:03:19.949576
Album My Verse
Genre R&B/Soul
Released 2018

AyaSha depicts raw emotion through her voice and her self written lyrics, in the song "Bout U".


All I can think about you

All I can think about you

(Oh, ouwhoah, oh ouwhoah oh, huh ouwoah oh) 


Baby baby baby, can I get this distraction of off my chest? 

Now baby why you wanna go and love me way better than all the rest? 

baby (x6) bet you 'ready knew my loving was the best. 

Say baby baby tell me something you shouldnt, I want you to confess 


Oh that it's unfair 

I was still leaning bout us you was all there,

crossing the finish line because you were aware, that I was absent minded loving with no fear. With no fear 

Ouu stop, at first you hate me next minute I'm on top

It's hard to hide yourself from memories and thoughts. 

I always drown myself in thoughts and memories

Hoping one day it'll be too blurry

To remember

Or am I in too much of a hurry 

To be better?

Better than I was before, and being there was hard. 

Though you was my shooting star.. 

Turns out you were a shard. 

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