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Bringer Of Fire 2

by Tone Deaf Poet(AKA John "Yanni" Tzikas) on album My Clear Conscience
released 2018-10-01 01:12:00

2018-09-30 17:19:35.262703



Bringer of Fire




Is this true synergy I’m feeling


Or a position of weakness that


Has me kneeling, who do you


Hold responsible when nothing


Around you seems quite plausible




Come on bring the fire


Life is full of a 1000 rainy


Days, make your own thunder


or go on your merry little way




Sometimes I have to wonder


Others times I cry and cry


Don’t question the whys


Don’t question the whys


When the smoldering sensation dies




He’s a bringer of fire


An entertainer to the stars


He’s a bringer of fire


He’s a bringer of fire


Do you know the one


About the silly man from Mars




He dreamt he was invincible


He dreamt beyond what


The naked eye can see


He dreamt of you and me


All possibilities of we




Broke every shackle


Of imprisoned hearts


Fought every urge to depart


Bringer of fire, raising your torch


So high, let the sparks fly, sparks will fly


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