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Moscato - Broken Dreams

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Published on 2016-08-06 04:29:18.304720
Album Adrift
Genre Rock
Released 2016
Sailing Away Happily through Life and then Struck down by an Debilitating Illness that takes away Freedom and Movement leaving Pain and Confusion, trying to Gather Positives to Keep Going after losing lifelong Dreams.
5000 miles behind me and a Long way to go, Staring down a pathway , at one nobody knows I’m feeling the pain, in a world without a face, Locked inside a time zone, in an empty place. Got no oars no engine, Floating way up stream, To fight through the night, in a boat of broken dreams, Time has closed the door, and lost its reason to be kind And all that was left was left behind It’s a roll of the dice, it’s a crack in the ice, Was too weak to be strong, to walk this path alone Got no oars no engine, floating way upstream, to fight through the night, in a boat of broken dreams Control of the thoughts its mother nature’s force, I Can't drown forever, in this boat of broken dreams … in this boat of broken dreams .
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