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Moscato - Broken Dreams

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Published on 2016-08-14 10:10:06.338180
Album Adrift
Genre Rock
Released 2016
Sailing Along Happily in Life and then having your Lifelong Dreams Shattered by developing a Incurable Disease which takes away all Freedoms and Health leaving Pain and Struggle in it,s Place, then Looking for a path to Follow .
5000 miles behind me and a Long way to go, Staring down a pathway , at one nobody knows I’m feeling the pain, in a world without a face, Locked inside a time zone, in an empty place. Got no oars no engine, Floating way up stream, To fight through the night, in a boat of broken dreams, Time has closed the door, and lost its reason to be kind And all that was left was left behind It’s a roll of the dice, it’s a crack in the ice, Was too weak to be strong, to walk this path alone Got no oars no engine, floating way upstream, to fight through the night, in a boat of broken dreams Control of the thoughts its mother nature’s force, Cant drown forever, in this boat of broken dreams … in this boat of broken dreams .
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Julia Crystal 2016-08-20 03:47:14.789290
Amazing song and voice! All the best you all! <3