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Steezy (PSYCHO) - Car Confessions 1.0

Published May 2, 2021
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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: Single
released: 2020
This is a song inspired by Young MA

Dopest from my caliber They all the same the same Watch me eat em like a cannibal I never had to tell a lie when I pull up sagged up these rappers know what I'm about I smoked a rapper last week I've been high ever since . is it the murder or the weed I know my bitch prolly hate me cause I fucked up the rap game she thinks that I'm cheating I told my people keep that trust in me My momma keeps on calling  asking me bouy what's happening We tryna keep it together I'm tryna pack the money high So I can sleep in December It's murder on the beat It's murder in the scene cause I pop Molly in a pill The streets are never safe unless you pulling out your pistol Imma die Hard G like a soldier on a mission Remember when they killed pac and did the same to Biggy As a black man I ain't supposed to make to the top but it's fuck that I just be defying all the odds And it's not that I'm really feeling high above the law This beat got Dancing with the devil I'm not scared him These people telling me bout peace I ain't had a peace of that Where I'm from they kill a nigga for not doing shit The only time I smile when I see momma in the kitchen We had a good time I used to help her do the dishes I been searching for my soul All I found is metaphors This rap shit cut throat Had to do it for my foes These streets are our playgrounds We kick it out the 18 Feeding on these freestyles They paying me for free What's free when you gotta pay a fee for the TV Naah mean fuck Payola I'm still standing on my feet I do it for my hood I know the kids are motivated The feelings and the business no the shits never related I pray to God I see the sun before my son comes out I got a few things to teach before my sun goes down Hol up Tryna get it, Tryna get it on a daily Nigga smoking good Kush Spittin rhymes makaveli Life is messed up Mahn  I wish that I could edit Took over the season cause  nobody never owned it Trigger bang on these niggas but I never took a fall Yeah I fucked your shawty sloppy but she still coming for more Got the section full of hoes a Lotta hoes that I don't know If you think you do it better I can put you on the show Show me what you got Show me how you switching up your flows The rap God came put you niggas on your lanes Compare me with these lames dwag I'm outta there Just like a decoy car need no registration The best of all time I could demonstrate it Cop my blessings in a dozen I can put em in trolley Niggas busy sleeping on me I'm too big for my town I'm too big for the slump Don't cut me no piece cause I want the whole cake
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by Steezy (PSYCHO) released 2020

May 2, 2021

Car Confessions 1.0

This is a song inspired by Young MA

May 23, 2021

Sun Down

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