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Cash & Guns

by Nosmas on album Devilish
released 2019
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2019-01-09 02:59:05.700885

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Nosmas_Cash & Guns INTO_ahahaha nosmas on this,do you gat it,now listen. i wash cars,sell pure water,anything i no mind do/ i don hustle tire,do any jammer,even times two/ u no hustle but u want Poverty die/ bro its either u starve or you survive/ see whatever it takes walahi me i no dey shy/ i no want suffer,so na all the work me i don try/ if na heaven the money dey,me i ready go sky/ ya all hating i already know this/ u dey call me beginnner when you be novice/ i'm 'igniting'talk trash and get bombed/ wen u see me pull the trigger,straight shots no pumps/ i kick deadly verses like i played soccer with ghosts/ u dope?no u got stinky,fact! u got mistaken with a goat/ he wears a mask just to cover his nonsense/ u can call me a ugly brother with flows that are gorgeous/ ahahaha see everyday am hot,or am i the sun?cause am always shining/ i think i burn ah boy,got tha niggaz shouting 'ye ye' ye' when am still freestyling/ if i be hand bros,you cant even shake it/ won ma sha e welewele your corps nobody will claim it/ i no be wrestler but heavy weight for my shoulder/ i already killed this beat/ i need no pen and no pappers/ i see your yansh get plenty meat/ Thats why you want give me the beaf/ i need no gun for this hunting/ i am the lighter,make u feel this heat/ see with me u cant stand alone,make u hold something/ only my reflection makes everywhere shaking/ whenever i take the mics they start screaming/ pulls over,reverse and hearts beating/ meanwhile i was inside my house eating/ everyone thought i was at the party/ u cant touch me,am a pocupine/ when it comes to rap battle i fear only my shadow/ got strong feelings for happiness,no more sorrow/ rapping on earth is like am wasting my talent/ am so fucking wild,i should be on animal planet/ see when you see me dont panic/ am not coming for news am not channels/ 9ja rappers being lyrical/ thats called big miracle/ we different,cause when i spit staight lines/ they stay spherical/ wait dont go,i will give you more/ i got sweet bar all from an apple store/ dont call me a telekinetic 'prostitute'cause am about to blow your mind/ wack rappers are hungry every seconds thats why they eat all the time/ see this rappers talk too much/ if rap na money none of you will buy porsche/ now listen help me call devil doctors make dem come quick o/ cause am just too good with bars,i'm devilishly sick o its like am sculpting this verses from hell as i sing/ u can call me the new underground king/ touch me,if you want to know how the sun feel/ i am rapping badly/ and you see am not kidding/ i can write better rhymes/ and pee with no kidneys/ u dont need to cover me/ my rooms got no ceiling/ with all this raps u can still say am wack/ pele! son of 2pac/ i got you rewinding this verse/ so i will just rap in reverse/ i aint taking a shit/ i'll still beat you while taking a piss/ when it comes to rap we not comparable/ Is like comparing okro with Gegemu/ Outro_o ti yie e nosmas noni,matosile,piss out.

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