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Clinically Boring

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Forbidden Country
released 2018-09-18 22:29:00
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2018-09-18 14:35:02.071046

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Clinically Boring




The moon is rising our love is soaring


How many silly metaphors do I know


To describe you, it leaves my heart overflowing




You’re just so fashionably late all the time


But you’re more than worth the wait


In the pouring rain, the blinding snow


My eyes remain adoring, you


Could never be clinically boring




I clap my hands and stomp my feet


You offer my mind sweet reprieve


By your side I am everything


I once believed




Your lips are scorching heat


On a cold day in January


If that’s not daring enough


A man will walk mile after


mile to witness a million


Laughs, a million smiles




Say goodbye to factions


That are warring


Around you, I can’t perceive


A single moment my world


Becomes clinically boring




The sun descends but this loving


It has no end in sight, even


When you just want to stay


Home and wash your hair


I’ll find a good movie to


Watch and comfortable slippers to wear


Nothing is clinically boring with you there


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