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AnastasiA - Close as Day

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Published on 2018-03-13 02:30:10.944620
Album Everlasting

Released 2018

Are you the sky? Tell me what you see here Do we even need to open up our eyes Do you know why? What else could it be here When you're far away from me I can feel you here with me Did you say anything? Does it even matter today I'll be close as day It will be this way forever In the woods where no one wanders I find you, it's so new In those clouds where no one reaches You found me, it's so free You found me I knew it too Close as daylight I will close my eyes It's such a surprise, oh See you more than forever All the ways we're together See you with my heart I can't even start to Understand the way That we're close as day I am so glad you're here I know you are, I can feel it When we're close as day Tell me all your secret secrets I know you are here More than names, than anything else! When we're close as day Tell me all your favorite secrets Are you the sky? Are you the diamond reaches? Are you the ruby emeralds flowing through the worlds within me? I will be close as day Tell me all your favorite secrets! Let them float away I will catch them with a whisper Let the clocks all play Time will be so silent finally Teach me how to say I'll be close as day forever
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