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Ov Tha Producer - Cold Feet

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Published on 2016-08-29 20:45:46.195290
Album Ov
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap
Released 2016
A groovy tune that can be enjoyed inside or outside. Wherever smiles are found.
I stole her like theirs was no work I kept like I was Hefner Swept her off her feet look how I left her Me and her together like salt and pepper You can tell they aren't me like a leper I can tell you on me I don't need ya Kiss ya after I brush my teeth first I have feelings don't let me be your leader You a vampire? Don't your teeth hurt? Leona Lewis you know I'm a bleeder Leave me like a desert You aint an oasis Like Keebler I eat her up and never forget her Like fever I'll see her blush, eyes deep, we clutch Swore you were just crazy I don't trust the nuts I smile like your baby Like there's no need for growing up Up and away like we're rolling cuffs You're suspect but I don't see you knowing a thing I re up service You're not on my phone for alone time How you a low life But your costs so high Talking to myself Like everytime I use a cv code Is anything left Like a bitch on wheels Like a big shot But what does he know Or she To be real I already know how your cold feet feel No narcos we deal With real time Solo with a few highs Like I'll greet you Those few ties Our true blindness all in due time Bid a due Never to shine If your two faces are too alike There's no true crime Put it on me Oh you're too kind I'm on one The world all wrong So i must be right Because we aren't alike At least within reach And I swear that I've tried I don't see heaven as science And I don't care if they're maniacal If the bank is dying Then I'll live for the bank Fill in the blanks Like I traveled around the world with my bae We make conversation Of course i wanna eat Mudda please Joe shmoes go take those other seats The dro old And i'm sober not only from sobriety Pios me told the old homie go home while i'm sitting on the fire seat Embers reviving heat Treat My ED Why dont you be my ET Why dont you reach and enlighten me They only peep Never do I agree Speaking seas Wonder why i sink Speaking easy Wonder why i don't drink Record fire
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