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Concert Of Love(December)

by John Tzikas on album Concert Of Love
released 2019-01-26 03:40:00
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2019-01-25 19:56:04.588680

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Concert Of Love




How do find the energy to make it through


The day, how do you find the wherewithal


To get you on your way


I want to be a part of you


Could you be a part of me




If we strike the right chords


We can live as we please


Despite this golden age


Of lunacy, everybody step


Back, can’t you see


We’d like some privacy




The walls don’t have to close in


Or suffocate everything in the


vicinity, I only need


A few minutes of your time


To convince you I’m a changed man indeed




Meet me on the rooftop on a brisk


February night, can you spot


The lovey dovey people


Moonbeams jabbing  


At their crystal hearts




They’ve all had their moments of serious doubt


But have overcome them time and time


Again, they’ve all seen the storybook


Endings disappear from the page


And rewrote the tale bigger and better


Than anything you watch on tv




When we hit the high notes


You’ll hear the perfect harmony


Piece by piece by piece line


After line, a concert of love


Just for you and me




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