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Consenting Adults

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Forbidden Country
released 2018
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2018-09-09 11:33:07.925782

Like it to put it on the charts!







I’m an oversexed violinist, my lyrical bow wags from


 its strategic location, in relation to the sheet music ,so


listen to what I chose for you on my contemporary hit-list




Period pieces don’t do it for


me, I want solid gold baby,


something to keep us moving




Consenting adults, come get your souvenirs the


Symphony of loners is back in town on a shoe-string budget


it’s an earful for all the fornicators in the crowd


play it loud




This is a virtuoso performance, powerful enough to maintain


your journalistic integrity, without revealing your sources, I’m


teary-eyed, when you applaud craftsmanship, spirits are elevating


Keep the hips gyrating




I reach for a rebuttal to every objection


I believe you can’t mess with perfection


stiffen your shoulder there will be rejection


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