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by Tone Deaf Poet on album Overdrive
released 2018-08-17 15:04:00
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Forget about being iconic and revolutionary


Everybody will see through a man who is stationary


And no one listens when you’re too contrary


The words meant to shake you, sound


Just plain scary, plain scary




Find good things to say


Or step out of the way


Keep walking that tired road


Where the fallen buildings obstruct


Your view or lend a guiding hand


Wherever willing pigeons


Require shiny new statues


To leave their residues




Move in move on move up


Test the waters and fill your cup


Get over, get through, get discovered


Slowly nudge past the pushers and shovers




Will they compare you to legendary fire-starters


Or are things that come out of


Your mouth  incendiary


Absolutely judgmental, unecessary


Your loving public isn’t  swayed


When the action and the message are contrary




And the opinions of the hungry minions vary


Their beating hearts and beady little eyes are wary


Haven’t you been warned  already


With their oblivion bordering on apathy


They want something, light and airy






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