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Daughter of Day

by AnastasiA on album Coming Up Roses
released 2016
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2016-08-01 01:28:00.120760

Like it to put it on the charts!
How is it even possible.

Waiting quietly She is always there Like a silent sea Like a hidden treasure If only look inside Oh the things you'll find She's a sister She's a mother She's a daughter to all She's a secret She will keep it For whoever will call If you only look Right inside her heart Then you'll never want To ever be apart Always in our eyes But we cannot see What is just right here Right in front of us now If you only see her eyes Oh the things you'll find She's a mother She's a sister There's no other to find She's a lover She's a giver And she keeps us in mind If you only hear What she has to say Then she'll never go Never go away Daughter of Days And the Sister of Sunlight You know the ways Of the pure and the so bright Don't go away Make all things right
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