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Devil's Playground(Emphasis)

by John Tzikas on album Gentle Nights
released 2018-12-01 00:06:00
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2018-11-30 16:12:57.159433

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In the devil’s playground where you’re messing


You’ve been hurt many a time before, but I’m


Only guessing




Every blessed union still requires


A little communication, a lot of hard work


And a much needed vacation




I’m one part perspiration, one part inspiration


When it doesn’t come, I look to take out my






It’s a battle of the wills, with high


Proliferation, done with intent


And much deliberation




I could take you or leave you


But I’m not the kind to ever


Deceive you




That’s what I’m trying to tell


You all this time, when I


Was of sounder mind




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