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Don't Call Back by Zaddy feat. Saucyboy


Published Jan. 15, 2020
Genre: Pop
Album: Hits
released: 2020
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WTL Music Worldwide new artist Zaddy who goes by the full name Zaddy Milly opens up this year with an acting cover song, which he featured Saucyboy in titled "Don't Call Back". The song acts as a cover to Joeboy's "Don't Call Me Back" featuring Mayorkun. It has production credits to Mykah & Emperor Maxwell whereas being Mixed & Mastered by LegendMix.


If a chase you girl ma head no correct.

U uh u uh u uh ohh oh ye, yea. Milly pon deck (Zaddy!)

Na to find another baby oh uh. U uh u uh u uh uhh, uhh uhh ye.

Saucyboy pon deck!

Maxwell (Repeating pattern) Mykah.

She say she met a better guy, (U ah)

The guy hold raba die, (Oh no)

The kain thing wey she talk dat day omo see I nearly die.

Oh baby why you do like dis oh, I no know say you dey fake am since,

I even think say dis your love be real.

Just let me know if, you no won do again,

A no go disturb you, a no go stress you,

Just let me know u oh u oh if you no won do again,

A no go disturb you, a no go stress you.

But don't call me back oh, don't call me back,

When you see say a don dey with another kelé baby don't call me back oh,

Don't call me back, when you see say a don dey with another baby omo don't call me back.

Even if you call e no go connect, (Cause a no go dey)

A no do again say make you forget, (Cause another dey)

Even if you call e no go connect, (Cause a no go dey e eh)

A no do again say make you forget, [King Saucy, Cause another dey].

Shebi you say you need more space (Space)

I give you more days for grace (Grace)

And those girls wey I tell you of no go mind to take your place (Ehhh)

So why you kon dey do like this? (Ah ah ahh)

So why you kon dey form for me? (Oh oh ohh)

After everything we've been through together (Ah ahh ahhh)

Just give me one time, you say no (Ehh)

When I give you more chance, you act nah (Ohh)

When I try to play nice, you play rude yeh yeh. (Eh eh ehh)

But now I wanna let you know if you no won stay for grace, see a no go mind to start afresh with another baby oh,

So don't call me back oh.

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by Zaddy feat. Saucyboy released 2020
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