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Easy Listening Music

by John Tzikas(AKA Tone Deaf Poet) on album My Clear Conscience
released 2018-10-02 03:02:00
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2018-10-01 19:07:23.042469

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Easy Listening Music




What a breezy combination we must make


Scaling the heights of ecstasy, insanity


We’ll get to where we want to be


If we find a way to deal with the


Frustrations of day to day




Hear this cautionary tale of a life


Gone sour, even though it’s not


My finest hour, I’m steadfast


I’m strong in my sense


Of belonging




Reach for me, just reach for me


Reach for me, just reach for me


We won’t suffer fools gladly


We won’t suffer fools gladly




Easy listening music was made


For people like us, we keep the


Beat, think , one two steps ahead


Tie loose ends with divergent


Strings of thread, of thread




Let me wax poetically, the violent


Age of self-promotion dawned on


Me, got swept up in the hubris


And debris, nod if you agree


We won’t suffer fools gladly




Open your heart, close your eyes


And count to ten, we’ll


Touch the clouds when


You believe we were meant to fly




I used to worry in times like these


About stretching pennies into dimes


But poverty is also a state of mind


Just reach for me, we


Won’t suffer fools gladly


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