Mokoi - Eden

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Published on 2015-12-11 14:42:51
Album Eden EP
Genre Experimental
This song was created for video on Youtube "Mokoi - Eden". It's a dark fairy tale in a form of music video trip inside the inner world of a dark side of a human being, which lives in everyone. Link for the video: Enjoy & join the dark side!
NoneV1, V2, Rotate.. Let the cranes fly away before they fall plagued This flesh is fake, let it stay vague It's hard to wear a hook inside the neck Look inside this wreck swallow preach and readback We are not lost but hidden Somewhere outside the gates of Eden Let's make a thousand cranes and burn 'em Let's fall on knees and pray for an omen The walls of the pit that I am lying in Are the bed of my inner twin with a sinner's grin These walls are pressing me, obsessed with rims But it comes as it is, without ease No one can feel the arrow in the heart Till anorexia takes it apart Please burn my wings made out of paper So I could reach Eden as vapour ..Terrain ahead, pull up, pull up..
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