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by Manuel King on album Eledumare
released 2018
Christian & Gospel
71 all-time plays  • 
2018-10-06 15:47:40.597217

Like it to put it on the charts!

This amazing worship recalls God's faithfulness and at all times, we can only lift our hands and say Thank you.


Eledumare - Manuel King


I wanna bless your name ,your name baba

Give you all the praise 

For the life you gave

for the blessings oh

I've given to you my heart my existence 

Given to you my body and soul 

And I've given you all 

Esé ooo 



Esé Elédùmarè

Esé ooo 

Dansaki re


Esé awimayehun 

Esé oo 

Dansaki re 



Elédùmarè 3x

Dansaki re

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