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Even If They Try Me

by MeloMilf on album Who I Am
released 2019

2019-06-06 13:49:06.192762

The song simply about defying the odds and going for what you really believe you deserve.



"I'm going after ma dreams, even if they doubt me

I'm gonna pull through, even if they try me

I'm finna love myself, even if they hate me

I'm still gon make it, even if they try me

I'm still gon believe me, even if they mock me

I'm still gon make it, even if they try me

I'm still gon believe me, even if they mock me




I let the past be the past

Bygones be Bygones

I'mma make this flow bleed

I got some crazy flows, they will wish for repeat

Ma tongue forever busy, I'm suppose to be on 3 Peat

Always making moves, I swear to God, I'on know how to stay put

I'm sounding so perfect, I'm like a beer that's slow brewed

Literally Giant, I make your rappers feel screwed

Ma sound so appetising, you will wish that I was soul food

Doesn't matter what they sayin, (man) I'm still gon be good

You niggas fakes, I never changed (yeah) I'm still crude

I'm goin so psycho on tha beat, I swear I'm a damn nuc

I'm a perfect gentleman, I never ask for damn nudes

I'm currently on the headlines, (dude) you are the old news

I spray like K-80, you dummies only got one shot

I'm loan shark, (yeah) I loan you ma flow dawg"



Fact, the world change folks, I'm kinda gettin Sadistic

But I'm goin for the glory, breakin all the statistics

I'm here for a purpose, not just fantastic

I'm changin couple hearts, call me Hysteric

I know you always hatin, I'm no pessimistic

So, I lose ma hope in tha world, not that I'm cynic

But I'm still shootin for tha stars, I'm trully Ballistic

I'mma feast on these rappers till I'm gettin bulimic

My style is pretty different, call me the Maverick

I'm burnin on these fakers, I'm highly Sulphuric

I've been eatin good, I got gout from tha Uric

There's only one Milf and they can never mimic

I'm never on fatigue, I always move energetic

I spit tha truth on tha world, I'm not a comic

Tha way I'm readin minds, It's like I'm psychic

Coz I know, you and you, have been hatin on me still

You niggas rap wack, you buncha Sedatives

I'm wakin folks up, (yeah) I'm like a Medic

It's obvious that I'm winnin, to know that don't need no magic


Hate is a disease, something you should ease

Ma mind's on liberty, you can never cease

I'm outchea workin so finally I have peace

I'm grindin so hard, so that destiny is caprice

I'mma wear ma pride till is feelin like Surplice

I take what is mine with an attitude, No Please

Don't ever mess with me, I'll render yo fanbase deceased

I'm clean as a whistle, that's why I don't fear Police

You niggas on a hide out coz you sweatin how I'm fierce

I'm here to take over, I'm bringin war like Hercules

I incinerate your brains till it melts out, Inferno

I am tha greatest in this rap by name "Melo"

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