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Everything's Coming Up Roses

by Tone Deaf Poet on album My Clear Conscience
released 2018-09-24 00:55:00

2018-09-23 17:01:54.121949



Everything’s Coming Up Roses






The war effort just got sexier


The defence ministry hired pretty ladies


To inspect the munitions


Conditions behind the barricades


Deteriorated daily




Men in uniform can't wait for their


Walking papers


 their next drunken caper


The government says lasting peace is a tall order




The light crawls through closing windows


Inhabitants laugh about being a solitary thorn that


Pricks our noses


But everything's coming up roses


But everything's coming up roses




Here on the home front men


Keep dying on the inside


Joseph struggled for every last dime


During his formative years he shed many


Self-pitying tears




During happy hour one July


He announced he was joining the fight


If I  stay in this place


I can never win the horse race within the rat race,




in her dreams at night


She heard agonizing screams, she couldn't


Plug her ears once the sound of bullets came


 calling, the application form made no mention


of his allergy to pollen




It took half a decade for Mary to gain perspective


Now she has a clever reply for her embroiled guy,


 life is for the living  it doesn't matter if you give


and get love in such small doses


Because everything's coming up roses


Everything's coming up roses




On his first leave a mosquito


Flew into her mojito


The pained look on his face told her


The love of her life was incognito




It took a while to recover from post


Traumatic stress, yet they've chosen


 the path to revival wisely, everything's


 coming up, everything's coming up roses


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