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by John Tzikas on album Shed A Little Light
released 2019-04-21 20:28:00

2019-04-26 16:24:53.396863







It’s time for me to exhale


A man who lives in the shadows


cant see the light


open the window


let out the stench of failure


bleed away the night




the love of my life doesn’t worry


about saving for the golden years


She scares me to death


her favorite saying is exhale


you won’t know what


you aren’t missing a thing


until you’ve breathed your last breath




when will I learn to exhale


the more I plan for a rainy day


the  more guilt I feel


about paying to sit in the sun


Beach bums yap at me


relax mister creative accounting


is not for everyone




Exhale I hear you loud and clear


its true what they say youth


is wasted on the young


prevention only delayed


the reality that no amount


of cash is  enough


penny pinching sucks




We enjoyed tour last vacation


walking in the white sand


watching children collect shells


Eating fried chicken with our grimy


little hands I looked in the mirror again


and muttered why did it take


you so long to exhale


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