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Familiar Refrains#2

by John Tzikas on album Gentle Nights
released 2018-11-29 20:50:00
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2018-11-29 12:55:33.848799

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Familiar Refrains




I keep my mouth shut around you


Find the little things hard to say, visions


Of lovers walking hand in hand make


Me grateful, we all began as


Insignificant grains of sand




I look at your pretty face


In a distorted mirror


No words need be spoken


If freedom of expression is croaking


Devilish eyes so itchy and dry


It’s too much of a hassle to cry




Surely I’m puzzled by blood red sky


Familiar refrains of when and why


But unlike the April rains


Love won’t turn ugly






Because it’s nobody’s fault


Dreams are dashed everyday


Only someone dead on the inside


Can admit straight -faced


They’ve dreamed their life away


How long before they lose


Their last saving grace




Such familiar refrains


Explode in my brain


You were there for me


When I didn’t have a clue


Where I was heading


Now I want to be here for you


In your era of sorrow and dreading


Loving you more than this tomorrow






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