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Vikkydollar - Farabale

Published Feb. 9, 2020
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: Money mind
released: 2020

Awusubillahi mina saitani  rojeem

Bismillah rahamani rojeem



Is your boy vikkydollar

Agba awo ton fase mumi

Efarabale kemalo faragbegba

Iku topa Asiwaju owe lon pa funni

Iku topomuwe oderu Odo Bani

Efarabale kemalo faragbegba



Awusubillahi mina satani rojeem

Bismillah iyen rahamani  roheem

Omoyi gba Lori gan iyen aburo Kareem

I never mind what it takes me 

But ninu owo ni me I just wanna swim 

Onigbagbo nimi Sokoto to fosoke 

Nafi pemini Teslim

VIKKYDOLLAR everyday of his life he commit a sin

But always pray to God for forgiveness of his sin

Every seconds keep packing up

But nobody can pack out all my sings

Gi-gi Gi-gi Gigarudeguy

Won man pemi bad guy 

Won man pemi sharp guy

Agbo timo fasori 

Lomu kin ma Morin mi so tight

Look at me well well den say am a bad nigga

No dey castigate me 

But tin ban flow wan need Latin Naso fun e

Koto para nigga

Den say make you tackle me 

You wanna tackle me

Who be your godfather 

Tell den say you go fall nigga

You go fall nigga (2x)

Ehn Tanba sofunyin oyekemope


Bese mope Oladips oun Na ni Illiterate

Eh this is Giga Agba awo ton fase mumi no dey dull dull ham but tin ban flow

Ee need lati ma fase mumi 

Okay no walking anyhow

Never Jack anyone 

Cos igboro Manika

Back a then when an walking with a nicker 

But reject all the bad babes especially because Monica

Ah omanika afibiti ordered Monica.


Many hate me even started from my people 

Lori stage won ma fatewo gbemi danu

Because of my voice and my pimples

I no say I go rap.on the same stage with no rinkles 

Den people wey no love  me go say

den wan use my voice for a jungle

So, being puzzle and puzzle 

As a hustler hustle but full of riddles

Mio le derin payan but only that

My mouth is full of fiddles

By the time I go don blow 

I no say my song go universally spread like a ripples

Even though I pass through agony of the wilderness

And to the thorn jungle 

But very soon you and your brother go sit down

Listening to the tone of my voice

Including  your relative


i don flow from Oshodi come today

I was a feeling you feeling come today




Ile timota won biyinda latise beckon re

Kilose yin the fin se bi eni to were kunnu re


Momore mi eyin more yin 

Momolowo see eyin mitosis yin 

Tin ban bayin soro Oye Koma yeyin

GIGARUDEGUY but you can also call me VIKKYDOLLAR

Miofe mana naira mo mofe mana dollar

But gbogbo nkan timosofunyin 

Oye ketimope OMA Dola

Mio no money but very soon mina no money.



And not follow 


But tin baso fun





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Total comments 1
Vikky dollar June 28, 2020
God hits. That's great!
EFARABALE kema lofara gbegba

Albums / Discography

Money mind Upload Your Music Free

Money mind

by Vikkydollar released 2020

Feb. 9, 2020


Awusubillahi mina saitani  rojeem Bismillah rahamani rojeem

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