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Fire And Ice

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Forbidden Country
released 2018-09-05 23:02:00
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2018-09-05 15:07:11.986800

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Fire and Ice




Fire and ice, dance with danger


Oh what the hell, fire and ice, we


Have a myth to dispel, fire and


Ice, for casual lovers, to use or resell


Oh what the oh what the hell


Fire and ice, fire and ice




Days I wasted getting over you


Days you paced getting over me


Lazy days I just gave away for free


Can’t relive those days, so you see




I’m cold right now, I’m shivering


Enough of this damn chivalry


Never explained how I felt


No ice to break or to melt






Hot flashes they come and go


Burning like a million suns, I


Miss you more than anyone


Fire your engines, fire your guns




Arm yourself with the weapons of love


Destructive forces are everywhere, you


Can run all your life and never get there


I’m 100 percent certain what I speak of






Out here on the fringes of society


Truth serums wear easily, your


Veins scream for more variety,


Dirty syringes heighten anxiety




Am I the fire


Am I the  ice


Am I the neck


Am I the vice


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