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by Moscato on album Adrift
released 2016
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2016-09-15 04:17:48.306010

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Sitting back, watching nature,s Beauty and Finding Ones Inner Peace. 


Mucking around doing my Thing, don’t need nothing, not a single thing,
Waiting for the rain never the lightning, sitting on a swing, watch the flowers grow,
Here comes November, year's nearing end, End of the Winter and the Chilling Winds,
Waiting on Summer but never the heat, sitting on a swing, watch the Flowers Grow
Hey yeah it’s only the beginning but don’t be fooled , the end is always near,
If you can find happiness in time, your soul will take you home 
To watch the Flowers, grow.
I planted a tree in the spring , I made a place for the birds to sing 
In time to come you’ll see her beauty Just sit and watch the flowers grow. ( "Bridge of Laka")
And when the night goes too slow Darling let your spirit flow 
A shiny moon in the night will glow And you can watch the flowers grow. 

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