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Nailzy yung - For you

Published Feb. 22, 2021
Genre: Pop
Album: single
released: 2021

Love and heartbreak..song for the one I love


Tell me  what you want I go day 

There for you day there for you

Day for you you uuu

Tell me what you want I go day 

There for you, they there for you 

They there for you you uh uh 

Tell what you need I go they there for you 

You...........tell me what you need I go stand by..x2

Gum body my baby ooo..

My darling....gum body(come fast make will gum body)gum body my darling ...oh..

My baby oya come fast make will ..

Gum body ....my baby oo..

My darling oh....

Gum body..x2....

Oya come fast make will 

Gum body tonight

Girl You kill feelings girl 

You made me go gurling 

You made so dulling

       So tell me where you dey.....

Tell me where you dey ehh

Tell where you dey...

Lemme be there for you....

For you .....for you..

For you ...for you(backup)tell me where you dey....

Verse 2:::

That  why I love you like  slowly ....

Take you around the world..

You be dolly ...treat you like 

A queen I go call you my holly

Kiss you  like lollipop .you're my darling

(Slowly )...slowly slowly slowly...omo

 Girl no go kill me ....e yeah...

You dey give me vibe...light (vibe..light...

Girl ^With you  no dulling ....so I say

Just take it easy.....  ^on the bad boy.......

 Gum body ..gum body




dey there for you ....

Dey there for you.... TYG &

tell me where you dey ....

Tell me where you dey ...

Tell me where you dey....

(Backup voice )dey there . .for you...

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Chino's Sphere Feb. 23, 2021
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