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Forbidden Country(A Hollow Echo)

by Tone Deaf Poet on album none
released 2018-08-31 00:08:00

2018-08-31 16:06:44.766040



Forbidden Country




You’re now in forbidden country


Would you like some sacred company


You’re mighty sure of yourself lately


How will you avoid troubled waters


Or strike your name off police blotters




Shooting straight and fighting dirty


How do you know your adversaries


Are worthy, up there in forbidden country




Hoping one day you may respect me


Pick my brain and keep me busy


Are you aware of all I’ve been


Through, it’s not easy


Living with the truth




You’re as good as gone


And I’m still here


Taking sides ever


Makes you as powerful


As you try to appear




Laying low in forbidden country


Free at last to roam the wild


Heaven knows what your dealing with


Have you learned take as well as you can


Dish, or do your hands wreak of dying fish




The seas are roaring every night


The little boats get lost in the fog


Flares are seen blazing on the shore


Come find me if you can’t cope


Anymore , the machines


Of war are missing a cog


Peace isn’t just for sleeping dogs




It’s for you and me to forge


It’s for us to sign the treaty


And choose carefully


The terms we want to endorse


Even if all you’re left


With is a terrible  bout of buyer’s remorse


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