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Full Body Contact

by John Tzikas(AKA Tone Deaf Poet) on album My Clear Conscience
released 2018-10-04 00:10:00
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Full Body Contact


There was this lady


kid you not, she didn’t


care for  tact, that’s a fact


She wanted full body contact




Once you know who I am, come and


Join the rest of us living in this great


Big land, maybe we can jam, maybe


Make beautiful music nobody will slam




And song went on to say


Don’t you call me baby


And don’t you call me mam


I’m someone you wont damn




She really put him to shame


With nothing to fear, the


Woman had unlimited scope


Held steadfast to unlimited hopes




The same ones that slipped away


From his grasp like dirty soap


When things didn’t go his way


When he just couldn’t cope




Singing you know who I am, I thought


By now you’d take my hand, begin


understanding what I’m all about


Outdistance yourself from those who ran




There was this man, seeing is believing


He distorted time, distorted logic


For a little full body contact


For more full body contact


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