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Gentle Nights4

by John Tzikas on album Gentle Nights
released 2018-11-29 22:46:00

2018-11-29 14:53:57.887631





Gentle Nights


Gentle nights I spend with you


You are the reason, my


Honesty, my whole truth




Gentle nights, you hold me tight


You’re everything I’m looking


For, plus the world at my door




Delivering on promises of


All things knowledge, beacon


Of light confident and bright




Now I live the life I always wanted


So determined, so undaunted


Free from loneliness that haunted




Here’s another wild idea, build the house


Of love up strong, where every child belongs


Bless it with the hand of God and finishing


Touches from your friendly neighborhood Ikea




Gentle nights made us persistent, to keep


Our end of the commitment, the best


Teams have the right equipment


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