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by Rad-Z feat Constatine and the legion on album single download-Glue
released 2019

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2019-08-21 22:27:47.298818

Here is a motivating hip-hop dance song about causing naysayers and doubters to eat their words and see the positive in you and proving them wrong...

This song will have you stuck on it like glue....check it out...and enjoy

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I was mesmerized...when I saw you, Little did I know
the things you put me thru
I diddn't feel strong enuff or good enuff to be with you
Thought you were on the level, but it was all game no truth
Now the tables have my favor
Cuz I moved on for the better, with my flava
You messed with my evolution
all problems have a solution
its a different story of intrusion...
so in conclusion
stuck to me like glue..all of these girls
stuck to me like glue.. I know that they are
stuck to me like glue..all of these girls...
stuck to me like that they are...
Acting all bad and bushii,can get you so far...
means you can't ride shotgun with me in my car
you played your a clown in a love bazaar
Now you see things my way,cuz I am a star
for a time I was just yearning yearning for your love
but regret got you burning,burning can't be above it all
don't mess with one evolution
I can't stop thats my solution
I make it funky my contribution
yeah yeah in conclusion
Came in the door
saw it before
I never let the girls
hypnotize me no more
I be hypen it, righten it
burning up the dance floor
doing my thing I am on a funky, funky tour
I am elradone leader of the spice people
no play me I am not weak or feeble
No doubt I wanna rock with you...
so when you see me, stick to me like glue...
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